So on my way to finding the perfect video intro for YouTube, I came across a website that makes some of the best intro videos I have ever seen! As I am not the best animator and what not, I needed someone else who does this very well for my intro. The intro I am most interested in is the Technology Capsule Logo Reveal:


If you are looking for a great site that makes intro videos for you, go to! You will not be disappointed.

With Renderforest, you can easily create amazing intro videos for a variety of purposes, from business presentations, to YouTube intros. They provide an easy-to-use interface for creating these, and you do not even have to render the videos on your computer.

Many Great Features!!!
Renderforest gives you the ability to add your logo and text into the many intros they have available. Some of the features include:

The options for quality (SD 360p, HD 720p, and HD 1080p) covers a wide range of popular formats. They have high quality renders in every intro video. When starting out as a new YouTuber or need help with advertising, I would highly recommend Renderforest!

With so many templates available, you can easily find a video for you quite easily, and if you do not find something you like, there is always the option to work with Renderforest to create your own! You can also easily search for a template with tags, etc, as shown below!



Editing Interface
Renderforest is one of the easiest intro video makers software out there. All you really need is your logo or images and the text you need then you are on your way! Add your own music, make a voiceover, or just use the default music that comes with the template (SPOILER, the music already fits the template)

Re-Editing! (WHAT?!)
That’s right, you can re-edit already-rendered videos. I do not see this in many video makers! Awesome job with this feature, Renderforest!

3D Videos
If you need 3D videos, Renderforest has you covered, as they have templates and other custom options for 3D to be included in your video.



There is free (has watermarks), pay-per-export, and subscriptions for professional and personal use! So many options!




Registration at Renderforest is easy and you do not need to pay to work on videos, enabling you to find what you need and view the options. They offer affordable prices for expert video editing.

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The final showdown
I recommend Renderforest for professional and personal use, and here are a few reasons for this:
• Easiest-to-use video editor online
• Templates for any situation
• Simple, free, no subscription registration.
• Flexible pricing options, including subscription, pay-per-export, or free

If you want an awesome, free to use intro video maker, go to now!